About Us

Welcome to Train with Kaka, Lahore's premier Hybrid Academy, dedicated to nurturing the talents of aspiring athletes in both football and futsal.Our academy is distinguished by its holistic approach to training, which goes beyond conventional football coaching. Here at Train with Kaka, we recognize that becoming a professional player requires more than just skill – it demands unwavering passion and a strong will to succeed.Our commitment is to provide the most rigorous and state-of-the-art training available in Lahore. We offer a unique opportunity for dedicated individuals to hone their skills and work towards their dream of becoming a pro player.Train with Kaka is not just an academy; it's a pathway for passionate individuals to realize their ambitions and embark on a professional sporting journey. Join us, and let your passion and commitment drive you towards excellence.


I, Nadeem, also known as Kaka, founded this academy to provide a platform for young athletes passionate about football. Our goal is to help them showcase their talent while offering guidance, support, and training. This is more than just training; it's about providing what I couldn't access when I was striving to become a professional footballer. I aim to be the source of learning I wished I had during my journey, and that's what inspired the creation of TWK. At TWK, FIFA Certified Coaches share their knowledge, instilling discipline and offering various facilities and opportunities to children. My dream is to pass on my passion to the next generation of athletes. The horizon is wide, and what was once my dream has now become the reality of TWK


TWK X Learning Alliance Afterschool Football Academy: Our mission has always been to nurture the football stars of tomorrow. We provide a safe and supportive environment for young players to improve their skills, build confidence, and have a blast on the pitch. Our expert coaches are dedicated to helping every participant reach their full potential while instilling values like teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship. TWK Football Academy is renowned for its excellence in football coaching and player development. With a track record of producing top-tier talent, We have earned a reputation as one of the most respected academies in the region. Our commitment to producing well-rounded athletes aligns perfectly with our own values.

First Keepers Academy

"Pakistan's First Academy dedicated to elevating goalkeepers to their utmost potential. Our goalkeeper training program places a strong emphasis on short-distance acceleration-based speed training, such as 5-meter accelerations, and precise short-distance lateral changes of direction. However, we also understand the importance of incorporating elements of longer-distance sprints, exceeding 10 meters, into our comprehensive training regimen. At TWK Academy, we are committed to shaping well-rounded and exceptional goalkeepers who are prepared for every aspect of their game.

TWK EmpowerHER

The pioneering TWK Academy proudly stands as the first and only club in Pakistan to offer a dedicated Women's Academy. Our commitment extends beyond gender, empowering young female athletes to reach their highest potential in football. With a comprehensive training program designed for women, we nurture talent and prepare our athletes to compete not only at the national but also the international level. TWK is the home of women footballers, where we foster excellence and build the foundation for a new generation of female athletes who shine on both national and global stages

TWK Skill Up (1 on 1 Training Sessions)

At TWK SKILL UP, we take pride in our unique Player Development Plan, the first of its kind, meticulously designed to elevate the skills of our elite team. Our comprehensive program encompasses a wide spectrum of crucial elements including discipline, agility training, precise ball handling, physical conditioning, personalized dietary plans, one-on-one coaching, and much more. We leave no stone unturned in crafting a holistic training regimen that not only refines technical prowess but also hones mental resilience. This is where champions are forged, where each aspect of an athlete's development is carefully nurtured, ensuring they are equipped to excel on the field and beyond

  • 1. Discipline,
  • 2. Agility Work,
  • 3. Ball Touch,
  • 4. Physicality,
  • 5. Diet Plan,
  • 6. Seperate 1 on 1 Training,
  • 7. and many more.


"Welcome to TWK Academy, where world-class coaches and dedicated management work tirelessly to empower the next generation of athletes with passion and professionalism. Our commitment is steadfast, our energy relentless, and our purpose unwavering, all driven by boundless passion as we collectively forge a path to excellence for our young athletes. We proudly present our FIFA QUALIFIED ELITE COACHING PANEL which monitors the Elite TWL operations and not just this but also works very deeply with our ELITE TEAMS in all age categories.

  • 1. Head Coach: Muhammad Yasir
  • 2. Coach: Miss Ishrat
  • 3. Coach: Qurat ul Ain
  • 4. Coach: Muhammad Naeem
  • 5. Coach: Hamza Hameed
  • 6. Coach: Amaan Abid
  • 7. Coach: Ahmad Babar
  • 8. Coach: Huzaifa Saeed
  • 9. Coach: Mohid Waseem

Management Team

Muhammad Nadeem

Chief Executive Officer

Chaudhry Shoaib Rafique

Chief Operating Officer

Humza Khan

Creative Director

Saad Sami

General Secretary

Ahmad Zahid Chaudhry

Director Opertaions

Muhammad Shahbaz

Director Competitions

Zohaib Rafique


Farooq Abid


Muhammad Farhan

Assistant Manager

Muhammad Turab

Cooperate Advisor